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Avengers: infinity War
The most important and waited movie of the Avengers is finally close “The Infinity War” and as a big fan of Marvel, me and a friend made this fan art.

Since he does not have a DA account, i take it the option to share this fan art on DA in my account.

I'm so excited for Infinity War to see Iron Man, Spiderman and Dr. Strange team up as well the Guardians and others heroes against Thanos and the Black Badass!!

Work made by me XNALARA - 3D programs

Iron Man Civil War model by

Spiderman (Iron Spider) model by *sorry not sure, deleted account maybe same of Iron Man*

Steve Rogers (Nomadic) render
by :iconlaxxter: - no model for it

Infinity Stones and background by me

Characters belongs to ©Marvel
Unexpected Call
This is just another regularly day for Albert Wesker, as he enters into the dark room
drinking it's favorite coffee from his favorite and selected restaurant “Starbucks” the man of the sunglasses stands close to the lector and introduces the smart card with an Umbrella symbol on it
“Ohh man what a coffee, just like daddy likes”

Followed by sitting on the chair right front of him and began to press the keypads turning the holo-projector screen on, for Albert, this diary routine it's just like being on a theater, as he remains on his comfortable chair looking to the large screen, faster begins to search any signal of the people that's working for him, but he doesn't expect the call of a impatient and desperate person who needs support on the transportation of B.O.W. aboard in a boat located on the Mediterranean, his name is “Ricardo Irving” and it's an exporter from a company called

This man had little time working for Albert since he started to collaborate with Tricell and personally with a woman from the same, but for Albert he's a little bit ridiculous and a merely useful worker, cause he use to screw the things he does with his personality, but also works for Ada Wong, the subject of the call is by once again screwed the transportation of a BOW by not carrying the container of it...unfortunately for Albert he can't just fire him cause works for Tricell and the woman in charge...this day has just completely ruined. . .

Based on this funniest but also amazing pic by greatest

Special thanks to my friend :icon972otev:

The Umbrella Order
Albert W. February 20th. Entry #2 Resume Of The Plans:

“Umbrella lives now, not anymore as a pharmaceutical company but as a private militar one with the mission of provide forces and security to the world by eradicating all B.O.W. treats, seems that keeping the original name of the corp wasn't a bad idea as the world believes the company tries it's best to regain good reputation... there's no better way to take back the order than taking care of all the new viral weaponry with the
“promise” to keep it away and erased it for good intentions,
of course we'll be working by this way under the table, nothing better than this... Right now we got the old facilities and a few new ones in services for B.O.W. researches and development's...

All has conducted till this point,
I even give to the government freedom to use my BOW weapons and study each of them, of course everything is part of the big picture as well as my exaggerated demise, Umbrella's retribution it's already happening... Spencer should never have imagined that it's vision will have ended like this, with my own, probably this is the most smarter and conspirator plan that anyone could ever thought, not even
“they” could have imagined this could happen some day... I would like to know how “they” will react to this.

After all, working in the
shadows is one of my specialties, if people think the world's unsafe now... wait until were ready for them”

Special thanks to my friend
:icon972otev: for the support on all

Reporting To Wesker (2002)
¿Do you ever thought how is when Krauser contacts to Albert
during the operation of RE4 like Ada does? Well, probably like this

*Sits on his chair, begins pressing the button's of the keypad in his right side, the holo-projection screen turns on and start the communication with Krauser via satellite, who was in a secret hide on the castle waiting for her call, Krauser appears on the screen*

Wesker: You've had been successful in integrate to the cult, but the real challenge has just started Krauser.

Krauser: Grahams' daughter it's now secured, the cult's leader Saddler gots something planned for her, I don't know exactly what their plans are, only got an idea, but now I can start my investigation here and retrieve the sample of the parasites.

However, seems Saddler doesn't trust me at all, apparently he doesn't like Americans...

Wesker: Understood, keep me updated on the situation, now you'll have to keep a close eye on the cult, that sample is the reason why you're there, we must remain cautious with this people or the research will be out for nothing, this operation will lead us to the rise.

Krauser: All for umbrella's sake!

*with a little smirk the communication ends with Krauser and Wesker turns the projector off*

Umbrella's control room by

I have something to say...

The word that many will already know; "WESKERTASTIC"

I invented it, so people,
I am the person who made the
Phrase in the Wesker's honor.

You see, as you know, I am a great
Big fan of Wesker's or well
Wesker family like everyone else.
So a while ago.
I thought; would be an excellent idea to
There is a phrase describing
About the Wesker's situation. that describe great and fantastic which is for example: an image, a video or something saga about them.

Then I did it, attach the words
"Fantastic" and of course

This phrase would be perfect for
Describe any situation or Wesker's event.

I first started to write it here in Some comments Deviantart images a few months ago a lot of people like him.

The phrase apparently spread like fire, and the t-virus.
As people began to use it on Deviantart and Facebook.

I like that, in fact already welcomes me, to create a tribute to the

So that's the origin of the phrase


¿What do you think people, you liked

The origin of the phrase?


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Guillermo Gutierrez
Artist | Varied



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